Modern, effective, and impressive… In short, much more than an ordinary curtain…
If you are looking for both an effective shading system and a modern architectural complement, ZIPRAL Zip Shading Systems are for you.
Minimal and Stylish Appearance Minimal and Stylish Appearance
ZIPRAL Zip Shading Systems promises you a modern look and elegance in your living spaces or corporate buildings. Its plain design, special acrylic fabric and plain appearance are the first indication of why it is preferred…
Minimal and Stylish Appearance
Upright Standing Against the Wind Upright Standing Against the Wind
ZIPRAL Zip Shade Systems fix the fabric inside the profile on both sides with its special zipper system in its frame. Unlike ordinary roller blinds, the system ensures that the fabric stands upright, fixed, and smooth, by means of the mechanism and zipper inside the railed profile, while at the same time it provides resistance against the wind. With this feature that prevents the curtain from flying and fluctuating in the wind, it can be used on the outer surfaces as well as the inner surfaces of the windows.
Upright Standing Against the Wind
Deep Darkness Deep Darkness
The zipper system, which fixes the fabric to the profiles on both sides, also offers 100% lateral closure. ZIPRAL Zip Curtains, extending from profile to profile, do not pass light and offer you a deep darkness as well as shading, especially when dark colors are preferred.
Deep Darkness
Remote Control Remote Control
ZIPRAL Zip curtain is a fast, effective, and practical exterior shading system thanks to its motorized and electric remote-control feature. You can use it on interior and exterior glass facades or glass ceilings with its remote-control system or by integrating it with smart home automations.
Remote Control
Multi-Purpose Use Multi-Purpose Use
ZIPRAL Zip Shading System has different usage areas. On glass facades and ceilings: In addition to its use for shading, darkening, and minimizing sunlight, it also prevents insects, flies, etc., with its special perforated fabric in pergolas and similar outdoor living areas. It can also turn into a mosquito net that protects from pests. Zippered curtains, which move on aluminum profiles, can be one of the lateral closing options of your pergola, and can also be used for windows, doors, and glass doors.
Multi-Purpose Use
Wind Sensor Wind Sensor
The wind sensor will automatically shut down the system in case of a storm, giving you a safe feeling of use.
Wind Sensor
Sun Sensor Sun Sensor
If you want, you can add more comfort to your zip curtain with optional sun sensors.
Sun Sensor
Smoke Sensor Smoke Sensor
Even if we don't want it to happen, it will be very functional to open your curtains automatically in the event of a fire, through the smoke detector integrated into the building automation or smart home system.
Smoke Sensor
Smart Home System Smart Home System
These motorized zip shading systems, which can be controlled by remote control, also work integrated with smart home automation systems. With the smart automation system, if you want, you can program the hours before the sun comes to turn off the system automatically, or even when you are on vacation, you can close the curtains in the evening and open them automatically in the morning
Smart Home System
Colors Colors
With optional color options, you can choose from color alternatives for products such as aluminum frame and hembar.
Material Material
With alternative fabric colors, you can reach the most suitable image for your space.


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