Maybe what you need is hidden behind a cute smile...

While the warmth of the summer sun warms you up, those cool shadows you seek with your family may be waiting for you right there...

PERLAWIN Window Awnings are articulated, durable awnings with an aesthetic appearance, used for protection from summer sun, mounted on windows in your homes, apartments or store windows, markets, and shops.

PERLAWIN Window Awnings can be used for hiding or protecting while providing you with coolness and shade in the summer months by cutting the sun rays coming from outside to your spaces.
Wide Angle Arm Profile Wide Angle Arm Profile
The wide-angle arm profile, which can go down from zero to 175 degrees, allows the desired amount of sunlight to enter your space.
Wide Angle Arm Profile
Aesthetic Look Aesthetic Look
With its feature that does not take up space in a specially designed box, PERLAWIN Window Awning has an aesthetic appearance.
Aesthetic Look
Brand & Logo Printing Brand & Logo Printing
PERLAWIN Window Awnings, which are widely preferred in houses and apartments, offer economical solutions for shops, cafes, restaurants, and shop windows. It enables your awning to be transformed into an advertisement / promotional material with the possibility of printing brand and logo on the front eaves.
Brand & Logo Printing
Detachable Internal Mechanism Detachable Internal Mechanism
The detachable inner mechanism feature allows PERLAWIN Window Awnings to be maintained by removing only the inner mechanism, without being disassembled from its current place in cases where maintenance is required.
Detachable Internal Mechanism
Fabric Fabric
Get the texture of your dreams with alternative fabrics. You can create a long-lasting product with many acrylic and PVC fabric alternatives.
Colors Colors
You can customize your cassette awning with optional color options and powder coating alternatives for products such as aluminum shafts, frames and covers.


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