Ventilara Vega

VENTILARA VEGA Bioclimatic Pergola is a bioclimatic pergola system developed considering your needs. In addition to the basic working principle of the Ventilara Sirius model, our Ventilara Vega model consists of two modules placed side by side. In this model, which is ideal for larger areas such as hotels, cafes, restaurants, the blades of both modules can be opened in opposite directions.

If your wish is more shade, more functionality, and a starrier sky, Ventilara Vega is for you…

Blade Movements: 45/90/120 Degrees Rotation and Collection
Direction of Movement: Two Sides Opening

● Four Seasons Outdoor Pleasure
● Sun Protection
● Natural Ventilation
● Waterproof
● Stylish and Modern Design
● Extremely Easy Control
● Special Blade Design that Prevents Condensation and Can Hold Dust
● Personalized Comfort Options
● Robust Construction
● Minimum Maintenance Requirement


SeriesVega 100
Series Description1 Modul
Length3.180 - 10.120 mm
Width1.500 - 4.156 mm
Louver Opening WayTwo-Way Opening
Numberof Engines2
FrameworkExtruded From 6063 T6 Alumimum
Maximum Louvers SizeMaximum Louvers Size 220mm Wide, Waterproof Effective Design
Louver And Louver CoveringLouvers Aluminum 6063, Plastic And UV Resistant, Should Be With Clear Water
Mechanism MaterialsStainless Steel, Galvanized, Plastic, Aluminum 6063
Electrical System220V
EnginesLinear Motor, Tubular Motor 220V

If you need a more tailored solution, take advantage of Tensaflex design and engineering knowledge and years of project experience. Our strong R&D team will surely offer a special solution for you. Contact us for our free consultancy service. Get an offer. 

Lateral Closings Lateral Closings
Guillotine Glass Systems is a motorized glass system that can be opened and closed gradually, up and down, and can be controlled by a remote control. Guillotine Glass Systems, which provide functional use with their stylish design and flexible construction structure, are a complementary product especially for pergolas. more
Lateral Closings
Sound System Sound System
More entertainment is always with you with the speaker system that can be integrated into the pergola frame. If you want to listen to your favorite music while relaxing, have fun parties with your friends in the open air, or let your customers chat with nice background music in your business, you can integrate a sound system into your pergola.
Sound System
LED Lighting LED Lighting
If you want to enjoy the open air in the evening, peripheral led strip lighting can be added to the inner frame of your bioclimatic pergola. If you wish, instead of white led light, you can also choose colorful RGB led strip lightings (RGB led strips).
LED Lighting
Heaters Heaters
● Infrared Heaters:
With electric infrared heaters, you can enjoy your pergola in cold weather conditions.

● Natural Gas Heaters:
According to your preference, you can control the internal temperature by using a ceramic, natural gas heater with 3-stage heat setting and remote control. more
Remote Control Remote Control
All control is in your hands… You can control your pergola with a remote control (6 channel transmitter and wall fixing clips). It allows you to control blade directions, operation of the lateral curtains, sound, and light systems.

You can control your pergola from anywhere and anytime with an easy and smart touch using your mobile phone. It allows you to control blade directions, operation of the lateral curtains, sound, and light systems.

A living space without energy is unthinkable. Thanks to the socket integrated into the pergola frame, you can access energy whenever you need it. Thus, your pergola can turn into an open office whenever you want, what do you think? more
Remote Control
Colors Colors
Colors reflect your preferences and style. You can choose the color that reflects you the most from our powder coating color options and customize your pergola according to your own taste.


Ventilara Vega Bioclimatic Pergola is a double-sided opening standard pergola model and can be configured in different shapes and in different numbers for your usage area and purpose.

Your Ventilara Vega Bioclimatic pergola can be wall-mounted in your home or office, or it can stand on its own without a wall connection, offering you the living space you want.

Ventilara Vega consists of at least two module installations. If desired, more pergolas can be installed in binary modules. It allows you to save space by using common columns in side-by-side installation.


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