Have your eyes ever wandered away while sipping your coffee in a cafe?

TENTIMO Scissor Awnings, which provide perfect shading for large areas with its scissors, long arms, are within the reach of your dreams…

Cafes, restaurants, hotels, and shop windows… TENTIMO Scissor Awnings, which are ideal for commercial businesses with their solid structure and classic appearance, prevent the outside sun from entering the business, while turning your business into a cool and peaceful escape point for your customers on hot summer days.
Robust Construction Robust Construction
TENTIMO Scissor Awnings, with their solid construction structure, offer the opportunity to be used not only in sunny weather, but also in different weather conditions such as rain and wind.
Robust Construction
Ideal for Large Areas Ideal for Large Areas
TENTIMO Scissor Awnings, which are resistant to more loads and harsh weather conditions thanks to their scissors and sturdy arms, are the most suitable outdoor solution for outdoor spaces with large areas such as hotels, restaurants, cafes.
Ideal for Large Areas
Whether Classical or Modern Whether Classical or Modern
One of the most basic awning models, scissor awnings offer a classic or modern look for your spaces with different fabric covering colors and options, heater, sound, and light systems that can be added on scissor arms.
Whether Classical or Modern
Aesthetic Look Aesthetic Look
Extending to large areas thanks to its scissor arms, TENTIMO Scissor Awnings offer a more aesthetic appearance compared to their competitors by creating a small, closed area when rolled up.
Aesthetic Look
Brand & Logo Printing Brand & Logo Printing
If you want, you can also do your advertisement and promotion by printing your brand and logo on the front fringe.
Brand & Logo Printing
Remote Control Remote Control
You can open and close your cassette awning very easily with the remote control.
Remote Control
Colors Colors
You can customize your cassette awning with optional color options and powder coating alternatives for products such as aluminum shafts, frames and covers.
Fabric Fabric
Get the texture of your dreams with alternative fabrics. You can create a long-lasting product with many acrylic and PVC fabric alternatives.


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