Sailamor Simena

SAILAMOR SIMENA Sail Shading Systems are fully automatic, retractable sail awning system with reciprocating system, in triangular and rectangular awning forms.

SAILAMOR SIMENA Sail Shading Systems
with reciprocating system mechanism can be single or double curtained. Although it varies according to their shapes and series, it offers shading areas of 79 square meters with an aluminum shaft length of 3 meters - 8.8 meters in triangular forms, a sail size of 9 meters, while aluminum shaft lengths from 3 meters to 7.8 meters in rectangular forms, from 50 square meters with a sail extension of 7 meters - 100 It offers shading areas up to square meters. SAILAMOR SIMENA Sail Shading Systems, which provide shade from narrow areas to large areas, use a single piston in triangular forms, while double pistons are used in rectangular forms.


● Piston System
● Triangle, Square and Trapezoid Sail Awning Forms
● Different Size and Shape Alternatives for Narrow and Wide Areas
● Natural Look & Natural Shading
● Comfort with Automatic On-Off
● Robust Construction, Strong Traction
● Sensors Sensing Wind, Rain, Sun
● Patented Connectors

SeriesSimena 100Simena 200
Series DescriptionTriangle Single Curtain Piston SystemTriangle Double Curtain Piston System
K1:K2 (maks)1:1.31:1.3
K1:K2:K3:K49 m9 m
KA:KB3 m - 8.8 m3 m - 8.8 m
MF9.4 m9.5 m
a,b9 m9 m
a-b±0.5 m±0.5 m
BB35 cm35 cm
AA35 cm35 cm
MD25 cm39 cm
FC11 cm11 cm
max m²~79 m²~79 m²

SeriesSimena 300Simena 400Simena 500
Series DescriptionTrapezoid Double Curtain Piston SystemRectangular Double Curtain Piston SystemRectangular Single Curtain Piston System
KA,KB3 m - 7.8 m3 m - 7.8 m3 m - 7.8 m
Kantenmin. 4°- 9°min. 4°- 9°min. 4°- 9°
va,vb6 cm x (a,b)/metre6 cm x (a,b)/metre6 cm x (a,b)/metre
FA,FB0.25 m - 2 m2 m - 6.5 m2 m - 6.5 m
MF8.8 m8.8 m8.5 m
a,b7 m7 m7 m
a-b10 cm10 cm-
B1B1,B2B270 cm70 cm70 cm
A1A1,A2A270 cm70 cm70 cm
MD39 cm39 cm25 cm
FC39 cm39 cm25 cm
max. m²~51 m²~100 m²~50 m²

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Wind Sensor Wind Sensor
Sail shading systems with aesthetic appearance include wind sensors to ensure the safety of the system in difficult weather conditions. The wind sensor is a standard component of sail shading systems and detects varying wind intensities, allowing the system to automatically shut down in strong winds. The number of wind sensors required for system installation depends on the square footage of the area and the number of configurations.
Wind Sensor
Optionals Sensors Optionals Sensors
If you want, you can add more comfort to your shade sails with optional rain and sun sensors.
Optionals Sensors
Remote Control Remote Control
All control is in your hands… With the remote control, operations such as limit settings, on-off, grouping can be done easily.

Remote Control
Smart Home System Smart Home System
Smart control…
You can control your sail shading systems anytime, anywhere with the motors that work in harmony with smart home systems.
Smart Home System
Colors Colors
There are different color options for your sail shading systems. You can customize your design with powder coating alternatives for products such as aluminum shaft, frame and cover.
Fabric Fabric
Get the texture of your dreams with alternative fabrics. You can create a long-lasting product with many acrylic and PVC fabric alternatives.


SAILAMOR SIMENA Sail Shading Systems with single and double curtain reciprocating system can be configured in different ways according to your usage area.

● Wall-Mounted with Three Columns
● Wall-Mounted with Two Columns
● Wall-Mounted / Wall-Mounted Column-Free
● Wall-Mounted with One Column
● Self-Standing / Self-Standing


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