Sails, which are the most basic symbols of freedom, getting away, searching for oneself, and discovering new continents, bring the smell of the sea to your nose on a hot summer day.
For those who do not change the pleasure of feeling the warmth of the sun and the coolness of the wind, sailing is true love.
Well, if we told you that you can feel the same feeling of freedom in the garden of your home without going far, would you listen to us?
SAILAMOR Sail Shading Systems, with its original sail shape, fabric texture and soft colors, offer you a unique experience whether in the garden of your home or in your hotel, cafe, or restaurant.

Natural Shading Natural Shading
While SAILAMOR Sail Shading Systems offer a natural look suitable for any space with its light awning fabric and modern design, it also provides natural shading and coolness thanks to the air permeability feature of its fabric.
Natural Shading
Automatic On-Off Automatic On-Off
Unlike ordinary Sailing Awnings, SAILAMOR Sail Shading Systems offer you comfort and convenience by making automatic opening and closing with its motorized systems. The system can be easily managed with a remote-control system or smart home systems. In short, all control is in your hands…
Automatic On-Off
Different Awning Forms Different Awning Forms
SAILAMOR Sail Shading Systems have two different awning forms, rectangular or triangular. Have stylish resting areas with sail awning form suitable for your needs and taste.
Different Awning Forms
Asymmetrical Areas Asymmetrical Areas
SAILAMOR Sail Shading Systems, with its triangular and quadrangular cut forms and different side lengths, provide excellent coverage and shading in your asymmetrical areas.
Asymmetrical Areas
Strong Construction Strong Construction
One of the most important elements for a sail awning is durability and strong traction. SAILAMOR Sail Shading Systems provide strong traction with its solid aluminum profile structure, quality fabric options and strong fibrous Kevlar threads. With the combination of all these features, it offers you long-lasting use.

SAILAMOR offers modular connection solutions suitable for every variation with its unique patented connection apparatus. Our connection apparatus, which can be offered as stainless or painted, can be selected according to your needs.
Strong Construction
Optional Sensors Optional Sensors
It is the combination of comfort, aesthetics, and safety. SAILAMOR Shade Shades, besides their aesthetic appearance, have a standard wind sensor to ensure the safety of the system in harsh weather conditions. For more comfort, you can customize your sail awning with optional rain and sun sensors.
Optional Sensors
Wind Sensor Wind Sensor
Sail shading systems with aesthetic appearance include wind sensors to ensure the safety of the system in difficult weather conditions. The wind sensor is a standard component of sail shading systems and detects varying wind intensities, allowing the system to automatically shut down in strong winds. The number of wind sensors required for system installation depends on the square footage of the area and the number of configurations.
Wind Sensor
Rain Sensor Rain Sensor
If you want, you can add more comfort to your shade sails with optional rain and sun sensors.
Rain Sensor
Remote Control Remote Control
All control is in your hands… With the remote control, operations such as limit settings, on-off, grouping can be done easily.
Remote Control
Smart Home System Smart Home System
Smart control…
You can control your sail shading systems anytime, anywhere with the motors that work in harmony with smart home systems.
Smart Home System
Colors Colors
There are different color options for your sail shading systems. You can customize your design with powder coating alternatives for products such as aluminum shaft, frame and cover.
Fabric Fabric
Get the texture of your dreams with alternative fabrics. You can create a long-lasting product with many acrylic and PVC fabric alternatives.


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