Unusual, asymmetrical, different, multi-choice…

VELUMPIA Roller Shade Systems are a matter of prestige…

Anyone can make standard, flat glass facade and roof shadings, but what about asymmetrical ones?

With the asymmetric curtain options of VELUMPIA Roller Shade Systems, it is possible to shade according to the special shape of your buildings with unique architectural designs.

VELUMPIA Roller Shade Systems will offer you customized solutions with more than ten model options if you have surfaces with different geometric shapes and areas that require opening from different directions apart from the conventional rectangular glass facade and roof systems.
More Stretched Appearance More Stretched Appearance
VELUMPIA LINEX Roller Shade Systems; weighted winding shade systems. In the rope series of the model, the hem-bar at the end moves on the guide ropes on both sides of the curtain. In the channel profile series of the model, the hem-bar moves in the rail channels on both sides of the curtain. With these features, it is ensured that the curtain stands upright in windy weather, while at the same time it is ensured that the fabric has a more tense appearance.
More Stretched Appearance
Geometrical Shading Geometrical Shading
VELUMPIA FLEXIS Roller Shade Systems are tension shade systems. With VELUMPIA FLEXIS Roller Shade Systems, which offer extremely flexible solutions with their different shapes and sizes, shading for non-standard glass and facades in your living space or business is much easier than you think. With its shape and size suitable for a wide variety of glass and facades such as triangles, trapezoids, curves, domes, arches, it provides you with the opportunity to shade in geometric areas.
Geometrical Shading
Opening in Different Directions Opening in Different Directions
VELUMPIA FLEXIS Roller Shade Systems have different curtain forms that can be opened as top-down, bottom-up, side-to-side, or horizontal-vertical. This allows you to set up an effective shadow system that can be opened in the direction you need.
Opening in Different Directions
Remote- Controlled Remote- Controlled
VELUMPIA Roller Shade Systems can be used remotely or integrated into smart home automation systems. When the system is used on exteriors and roofs, a fully automatic shading system can be obtained by integrating with optional products such as wind sensor and sun sensor
Remote- Controlled
Wind Sensor Wind Sensor
The wind sensor will automatically shut down the system in case of a storm, giving you a safe feeling of use.
Wind Sensor
Remote Control Remote Control
With the remote control, you can open and close your curtains very easily.
Remote Control
Smart Home System Smart Home System
These motorized shading systems, which can be controlled by remote control, also work integrated with smart home automation systems. With the smart automation system, if you want, you can program the hours before the sun comes to turn off the system automatically, or even when you are on vacation, you can close the curtains in the evening and open them automatically in the morning.
Smart Home System


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