Novinde Smart Control

NOVINDE SMART CONTROL Windbreak Glasses are motorized glass balustrades whose height can be adjusted by moving the upper glass with a remote control.

Unlike the Novinde Easy Click model, which has a piston system, the Novinde Smart Control model allows the upper body to be easily lowered, raised, or fixed at the desired height level, thanks to its motor hidden in the profile at the base.

The system is made of tempered glass and is mostly preferred as transparent, and optionally blurred glass options are also available.

Hotels, cafes, restaurants etc. It is used for windbreak and area surrounding purposes in your commercial areas such as. Especially for large areas, you can open and close all the tops with a single button, thus increasing your customer experience and adding prestige to your place.


  • Wind Protection
  • Area Containment
  • On/Off/Height Adjustment with Remote Control
  • Stylish Image
  • Increased Property Value
  • Floor Mounting
  • Possibility of Design/Logo on Glass
SeriesSmart Control 100
Series DescriptionFrameless Top Glass
Witdh90 cm - 200 cm
Close Height114 cm
Open Height176 cm
Glass Thickness0.8 mm
Glass TypeTempered Glass
Glass ColorTransparent
FrameLower Glass Frame - Aluminium
AssemblyFloor Mounted
OptionalBlurred Glass / Different Colorred Glass
Surface TreatmentProfiles Can Be Anodized Or Painted To Certain RAL Codes

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