Remote controlled, retractable triangular awning systems, also known as sail shade systems, offer you stylish outdoor spaces in your garden, terrace, or poolside with their elegant design.

Stylish and eye-catching design of SAILAMOR Retractable Sail Shading Systems 

Motorized triangular awning systems, called "sail shading systems" due to their sail form, bring the breeze of distant seas and the fascinating atmosphere of nature to your backyard.

With its soft color options, lightweight awning fabric and eye-catching modern design, SAILAMOR Retractable Sail Shading Systems are the choice of those looking for style and innovation in their spaces.

Ordinariness and stability are completely contrary to its character... 

If your only expectation from an awning system is protection from the sun during the hot summer months, you can easily find many different types of awnings. However, if you are looking for more than a stable canopy that will protect you from the sun, SAILAMOR Retractable Sail Shades System is as you always dreamed…

Thanks to the automatic on-off feature, you decide how much sun you want to benefit from during the day. Or when you want to watch the stars that make a summer evening unique, enjoy the functionality by closing your awning system with a single touch.

It is extremely easy to create stylish resting areas that appeal to your taste with SAILAMOR Sail Tents, which have a rectangular awning form as well as a triangular awning form.

The awning system, which can be fully customized with different side lengths and height options, provides excellent coverage and shading even in asymmetrical areas.
Comfort: It is the combination of aesthetics and safety…

While the standard wind sensor on the system ensures the safety of your awning in windy weather, you can customize your sail tents with optionally integrated sun and rain sensors. In short, these modern terrace awnings will make your outdoor life more comfortable and enjoyable.

If you would like to bring these high standards of comfort to the outdoor living spaces of your home or workplace, contact us.

SAILAMOR Motorized Sail Shade Systems, which provide natural shading, offer functionality with their remote-controlled system, can be customized with different awning forms and optional sensors that can fit even asymmetrical areas, and make a difference with their stylish and modern design, will offer you the outdoor experience you dream of.

Enjoy a delightful break in the embrace of nature, along with the allure of sails and sea breeze. Make your choice now and indulge in the pleasure of outdoor living with SAILAMOR Retractable Sail Shading Systems.

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