Dynamic Solution of Modern Architecture: “Retractable Systems for Roofs”

Open floor plans that allow the fluid and flexible use of spaces, large windows that bring natural light inside, flat roofs with sharp corners, the use of different materials such as steel, glass, aluminum and textile with new technologies, structures that are compatible with the environment and the minimalist approach that adopts a simple and clean appearance away from unnecessary details are the basic features of the modern architecture movement that emerged in the early 20th century.

The basic features of the kinetic architecture approach, which focuses on the ability of structures and building elements to move in accordance with the needs of the spaces and environmental conditions, are functionality, energy efficiency, aesthetic and visual impact, adaptability, flexibility, the use of technology and mechatronic systems, sustainability and user experience.

Based on these definitions, we can say that the common point of modern and kinetic architecture is to combine aesthetics and functionality by using technology and thus to build innovative structures.

At this point, retractable systems, an important component of kinetic architecture, emerge as the dynamic solution of modern architecture.

What are Retractable Roof Systems and How Do They Work?

Retractable roofs are moving roof systems that can be retracted at any time, in accordance with changing weather conditions and usage requirements.

Retractable roof systems work by using a series of panels such as glass, metal, wood, aluminum, etc., rotating, telescopic, sliding working types or industrial textiles such as fabric, membrane, PVC, etc., folding, wrapping, stretching working types, driven by means of a motor.

Retractable roofs, which can be consisted of cable-supported, rail-supported, scissor supported, articulated and tensioned structure types, can consist of standard systems for home and workplace scale, as well as large-scale and kinetic systems designed entirely specifically for customer needs.

You can see our retractable system references for roofs on our Tensaflex Website PORTFOLIO page and get inspired by our INSPIRATION page.

Dynamic and Special Solutions with Retractable Systems

Retractable systems offer dynamic and special solutions for structures of different scales in modern architecture due to their operating types, technology and material options.

If your aim is to provide a larger living space that can integrate with the outside in a section of your home, a bioclimatic pergola with retractable roof louvres will be the solution to your request or if you want to offer your customers a starry night in the luxurious rooftop bar of your hotel, and if you need a spacious and stylish area that will not interrupt the panoramic view during the day but will also provide heat control, a sliding or telescopic glass roof system will provide this more than enough.

Maybe you need a signature stadium that will host an international sports competition. A movable stadium closure consisting of retractable membrane panels combined with a unique design will bring the prestige you are looking for to your country.

Retractable roofs that can adapt to changing climate and weather conditions with a remote control, smart home system or a programmable control system will also bring more comfort.

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