Zero point of history…

Gobeklitepe, dating back to around 9500 BC, is the oldest and largest religious center unearthed in human history.

Gobeklitepe, which is said to have been built approximately 7,500 years before the Egyptian Pyramids, is an ancient structure that changed many facts in history when it was unearthed.


The archaeological site, located near Orencik Village in Turkey's Sanliurfa province, was discovered in 1963 during a surface survey (Prehistoric Research in Southeastern Anatolia) conducted jointly by Istanbul University and the University of Chicago. Although it was discovered in 1963, the first excavations in the region started in 1995.

What is the importance of Gobeklitepe?


Gobeklitepe, one of the most important structures that preserves the mystery of history, dates back 12 thousand years and corresponds to the hunter-gatherer lifestyle in which humanity has not yet settled down. The area, which does not have any residential buildings, was used only for worship purposes, and is described as the oldest and largest worship center in the world.


It was created by bringing together T-shaped stone columns (megaliths), each 6-7 meters high, into large circular structures. It is said that these T-shaped obelisks resemble humans, the upper part represents the human head, and the lower part represents the human body.

How is Gobeklitepe protected from weather conditions?


Gobeklitepe, which caused many changes in human history, is on UNESCO's World Heritage List. It is also very important to protect Gobeklitepe and its historical monuments, which host many visitors from home and abroad and contribute to Turkey's cultural tourism.

The roof system built to protect the Gobeklitepe archaeological excavation site from weather conditions was designed by German architects. While all steel constructions of the roof system were produced in Temsan Ankara Factory, the membrane tensioned systems on the roof and the triangular fixed tensioned systems on the side facades were manufactured by our group company Tensaform Membrane Structures.


As Tensaflex Mechanical Roof and Facade Systems, we are taking part in the additional development processes of the project, which was completed in 2018, in 2024.


You will now see SAILAMOR Retractable Sail Shading Systems on the side facades of the roof system integrated with the iconic appearance of the Gobeklitepe Archaeological Site. The system that will provide shading on the side facades is a retractable sail shading system produced by Tensaflex in Turkey.

An Aesthetic and Functional Look at SAILAMOR Retractable Sail Shading Systems from GOBEKLITEPE…

SAILAMOR Sail Shades, which have an automatic opening and closing feature with their motorized system, seem to add movement to the iconic view of Gobeklitepe.

SAILAMOR Retractable Sail Shading Systems, which offer natural shading and aesthetic appearance for outdoor living areas such as terraces, gardens and pool sides with their retractable, triangular/rectangular fabric tent system, have shown that they can combine aesthetic appearance with functionality by being mounted in vertical form on the side facade of Gobeklitepe.

What do you think? Can the natural mystery of ancient structures be combined with the elements of kinetic architecture and carry the dusty pages of human history into the future?

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