Guzelce Tennis Court Telescopic Roof Systems

Project Details
  • Portfolio Type
  • Structure Type
    Rail Supported
  • Surface Type
  • Material
  • Working Type
  • Application Areas
    Sport Facilities & Courts
  • Project
    Guzelce Tennis Court Telescopic Roof Systems
  • Location
    Istanbul, Turkey
IBB Güzelce Tennis Court has a special importance for tennis enthusiasts in Istanbul,Turkiye. The sport of tennis, which is mostly played outdoors, can be played at Güzelce Tennis Court in all seasons. The Telescopic Roof System project, which we completed in 2019, offers tennis enthusiasts all-season tennis pleasure with its feature that can be opened and closed whenever desired. Ideal for large areas such as stadiums, swimming pools and tennis courts, the systems allow facilities to adapt to different weather conditions.

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