Cable Supported

Cable supported retractable systems are mechanical systems in which cables are used to support the reciprocating movement of a structure or canopy element. The working principle of the system is based on the installation of cable systems and the movement of the system desired to move on these cable systems.

While cable-supported systems are often used in retractable roofs and shading systems, they are an efficient and effective method for managing large or complex structures that need to be opened and closed.

In the system, the tensile strength required to carry the weight of the structure is provided by using stainless or galvanized steel ropes.

The system has two different operating methods. The system can be operated manually by using a crank or pulley system, or it can be operated with an automation system by adding motor, sensors and control panels.

In cable supported mobile systems, shading, protection etc. when the system is off. While it is open, it is ensured that natural light enters the space. With its folded and gathered structure on the cable, the cable-supported collapsible systems save space, while architecturally adapting to the appearance of your space.


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