Living the moment in the shadow of a pleasant conversation… Does it sound nice to you too? Whether you are in your garden or on your terrace, or in a cafe or restaurant, a pleasant conversation with your loved ones will be different in the cool shade of CASEROLO Cassette Awnings.

CASEROLO Cassette Awnings provide protection from the sun when open and offer a stylish appearance with its cassette design that completely encompasses the awning fabric and folding articulated arms when closed.
Waterproof Cassette Design Waterproof Cassette Design
The special waterproof cassette design provides you with a longer life by preventing the leakage of rainwater into the cassette and possible humidity when the awning is closed in the cassette.
Waterproof Cassette Design
Adjustable Tilt Angle Adjustable Tilt Angle
Thanks to its manually adjustable tilt angle, CASEROLO Cassette Awnings allow you to move the inclination of the awning 20 degrees down and 4 degrees up against different positions of the sun, thus allowing you to be more protected from the sun.
Adjustable Tilt Angle
Brand & Logo Printing Brand & Logo Printing
Not only protect from the sun, but also advertise. You can print your brand and logo on the front eaves of CASEROLO Cassette Awnings, which are frequently preferred by commercial enterprises with their stylish design, and you can use your awning for advertising and promotion purposes.
Brand & Logo Printing
Remote Control Remote Control
You can open and close your cassette awning very easily with the remote control.
Remote Control
Colors Colors
You can customize your cassette awning with optional color options and powder coating alternatives for products such as aluminum shafts, frames and covers.
Fabric Fabric
Get the texture of your dreams with alternative fabrics. You can create a long-lasting product with many acrylic and PVC fabric alternatives.


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